Custom Colorado Crafted
Log Furniture and Jewelry

Gallery of Beds, Chests, Frames, Coat Stands & More

All items are one-of-a-kind custom creations. Items marked "Sample" can
be made to order at a comparable price. Since each piece is individually
crafted, you may specify modifications to a pictured piece or I can create
a unique custom piece for you.

product photo   King Bed
Item# KB001 - Sample

Aspen with stone inlay on posts

7ft headboard

Approx price: $2500

product photo The Nemo Dog Bed - Small
Item# DB001 - Sample

Aspen - made to fit a standard size
pillow or you can have one custom
made with a choice of fabric. Medium
and large sizes also available.

Approx price: $250

product photo   Coat Stand
Item# SCR001 - Sample

Aspen Log coat rack with railroad
stakes found along the railway in
Buena Vista.


Approx price: $220

product photo   Storage Chest
Item# CST001 - Sample

Aspen - planked, cut and joined  right
in my back yard. Front and sides
decorated by logs cut in half in order
to maintain original tree look.

65"L x 24"W

Approx price: $725

product photo   Wall Shelf
Item# SLF001 - Sample

Sunflower wall shelf with cast iron
brackets. Shelf made out of Beetle
kill pine.

Approx price: $125

product photo   Frame
Item# PFR001 - Sample

Log picture frame - Any size
can be made. Comes with
glass and ready to hang.

This frame also can easily be made
into a mirror.

12" x 10"

Approx price: $1/linear foot

product photo Frame
Item# PFR002 - Sample

Aspen Log picture frame

10"L x 8"W

Approx price: $1/linear foot

product photo   End Table
Item# TPR001 - Sample

Toilet paper roll holders

Approx price: $42


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