Custom Colorado Crafted
Log Furniture and Jewelry

Treat yourself or someone special to unique handcrafted Colorado design


Each of us is a unique and beautiful person in our own way. For those individual spirits who love art, nature and have an appreciation of finely crafted wood furniture and jewelry, an original piece by Elizabeth Battaglia may be treasured for a lifetime or several generations.

Beautifully crafted custom made furniture enhances any home either as a show piece or an item specially designed to fit a particular space or ensemble.


The same care and attention I give to making custom and one-of-a-kind furniture, I give to designing and creating jewelry.

The stones, gems, and findings that go into each piece have been selected with care and discrimination.

I want my clients to feel special wearing my pieces, knowing that positive creative energy went into each piece, with my best wishes for the wearer's well-being.


"I hand select all my wood, whether it is a piece of aspen I have harvested or antique wood I have acquired at an auction or from architectural salvage. The logs are selected for their markings, distinct shapes and coloration, which give the final piece a characteristic flair."


"I believe that Jewelry can be much more than aesthetic. The energy and creativity that goes into each of my creations has my well-wishes for the wearer built into it through the care and consideration each piece receives as it comes into being. Jewelry can be beautiful both on the outside and the inside."

About Elizabeth Battaglia

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Battaglia offers complete design services for both furniture and jewelry. She specializes in custom designs, and can work with you to create the perfect piece for you.

You will receive all the support you need throughout the entire design process, from material selection to budgeting and finishing touches.

She has always had an eye for design and aesthetics, and her passion for design and craft is reflected in the beautiful pieces that she crafts. Her ability to collaborate with her clients and facilitate the design process has earned her a well deserved reputation as a true professional.

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furniture or jewelry design today.

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